Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Howe and Strauss and the Fourth Turning :  signs of the times
(*  see Article below,  Our Fourth Turning President,  for an explanation of the saeculum history theory of Howe and Strauss)

I have recently joined the Fourth Turning forums of Howe and Strauss as a registered member.  It was interesting to see,  among the threads,  how many members had had my same sense of being perplexed and bewildered by the events of 2001-04,  under W Bush,  which began looking  for all the world to be 4th turning catalyst events,  only to give way to nothing new.

And now we have Barack Obama;  and so it begins again.  One forum member pointed out that the crisis/catalyst had indeed come in 2001 with W and 9/11,  but it had been a bit early;  both for the culture, and the generational constellation.   W/Cheney had treated these 4th T crisis events with 3rd Turning remedies;  hence, the stall;  hence,  the need for new crises.  And now we have in 2008 a true 4th Turning man,  who uses its means for its ends, and does not become stymied in  the past.

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