Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Coming Anarchy: Kaplan and the persistence of Terrorism
Was Democracy just a moment? and The Dangers of Peace : ". . . the idea of a world permanently at peace under the power of a global organization is not an optimistic picture of the future but a dark one."

Influenced by Ortega y Gassett and Nietzsche, Robert Kaplan's 1994 book, The Coming Anarchy, saw today's global crisis with stunning precision. This blogger has been re-examining Kaplan's text in light of events at the dawning of the Obama order. 

Another essay from the 90s,  that is just as timely,  and perhaps even more relevant now, as is Kaplan's,  is David Reiff's "Multiculturalism's Silent Partner:  Its the Newly Globalized  Economy,  Stupid".  

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