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Arson that killed 8 horses may be hate crime

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McCONNELSVILLE, Ohio — Firefighters in rural Ohio are offering a $5,000 reward for information about who was behind an Easter arson attack that killed eight horses, including a week-old colt, in a blaze being investigated as a hate crime against the animals’ gay owner, AOL News reported citing several Ohio news outlets. Brent Whitehouse, who’s gay, said he noticed an orange glow coming from the barn near his farmhouse in McConnelsville, Ohio, just before midnight Sunday. He ran out to the barn, but the door jammed, its hinges likely melted from the fire’s heat, AOL said. Whitehouse told a TV station in the region (Channel 10) he “couldn’t believe they would take the time to actually harm an innocent animal.” Homophobic slurs like “Fags are freaks” and “Burn in hell” were discovered spray-painted on the smoldering wreckage of his barn. Whitehouse estimated their value, along with the destroyed barn, to be more than $500,000. The state fire marshal’s office has ruled that the fire was intentionally set. The local Blue Ribbon Arson Committee has announced a $5,000 reward for any information about who set the fire, AOL reported.

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Pop Injection's Daric Jemen Richie leaves Amanda Knox debate, apologizes to gay community // Current

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Amanda Knox Factor: U.S. Students Shy Away From Study Abroad In Italy After Perugia Murder Case - Worldcrunch - All News is Global

Gay Teen Suicide Hoax - Daric Richie issues public apology to

Verification from editors pending:

Am not really wanting to do further articles about Daric Richie  -  and in fact had sworn not to  -   However:   as he has supposedly issued a public apology to for the Terrel Williams gay teen suicide hoax, I thought it merited a quick mention.   We are currently awaiting verification of the story from the editors at

 From Wikia: 

First,  the captured screen shot by Google, in case it is edited or tampered with:  click on image and then zoom to read:

The Terrel Williams Suicide Hoax was proven to be a scam perpetuated by one Daric Rawr, also known as Daric Richie, Darice Jemen Richie, Derek Jacob Goff.
It was begun in October 2010, at the height of the LGBTQ teen suicide scandal which rocked the nation.
Perez Hilton, Queerty, and many prominent LGBTQ venues picked up the story on a national scale after it was reported publicly that the 17 year old youth had hung himself after being mercilessly gay bullied at school in Lakewood, Washington. researched and found there were no medical examiner or police reports of any youth committing suicide under the name Terrel Williams, and that the hoax had been perpetuated by his fictitious lover, Daric Rawr.
Attempts were made by Rawr to say that the youth had killed himself in Beverly Hills, CA, where he was residing with his grandparents. This, too, was researched, and found to be ficitious. Rawr also posted false pictures on Twitter and Facebook of people - one, an infant - who were supposedly Terrel Williams, and even set up an "In Memory Of" page until it was found that the person was a fabrication of Rawr's to garner publicity for himself. A recent attempt regarding the Amanda Knox appeal trial saga was made by Daric for similar motives, and in a similar modus operendum.
On April 26, 2011, Rawr, now known as Daric Jemen Richie, has supposedly issued a public apology on, but the story in not appearing on the internet. This page has been saved via Google screen shot to prevent unwanted edits or tampering.

See this link, one among numerous ones on the internet :
Also the comments section of this link: Terrel Williams hung himself due to gay bullying?

Terrel Williams Gay Teen Suicide Hoax - Daric Richie Wiki
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Obama Birth Certificate Released By White House (PHOTO)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Metro Media Consulting Group: NYC and Detroit's SEO-Social Media Strategists!


Beautiful Bunnies await adoption in America's Rabbit Rescue Shelters

These two bunnies are an example of the beauty which languishes in rabbit shelters across the nation. 
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Gay rights group: You’re damn right we pressured law firm on DOMA - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

Monday, April 25, 2011

If "Daric Richie" is a Minor, he is clearly in need of help : A farewell


One does not know what to believe when it comes to "Daric Richie", but if recent reports that he is actually a minor are correct,  then it would behoove the adults who are involving themselves in his troubled and chaotic life  to get him some help,  before he winds up in the hands of Juvenile Hall.  I am washing my hands of him, and will take no further interest in him after this post.  

He has told some very serious lies on the internet, and made serious allegations against others,  as well as posed as an adult in order to  make contracts with book publishers and media persons,  to their detriment.  He saddened some of the most illustrious editors within the gay community at a time when they were already grieving.  

 His life is not off to an auspicious beginning,  and the signs of sociopathy and pathologic lying are troubling in the extreme.  I hope his mother is aware of what he has involved himself in recent past, and comes to his aid.


This is my last post on Richie,  as he is now beginning to depress me, which I do not need.  May he find adults in his life who will take an interest in his genuine well-being,  rather than using him to further their own agendas,   and take the time to reveal to him the considerable social and psychological dangers of his current path.  SMK   

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Amanda Knox case being examined by Idaho Innocence Project (video) - National Crime |

PERUGIA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 24:  Amanda Knox (C)...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

A group that has helped exonerate a number of people across the U.S. 
after examining evidence in criminal cases is now looking at the case of Amanda Knox, the American student convicted by an Italian court of the 2007 killing of her roommate.
Dr. Greg Hampikian, a professor of biology at Boise State University is the director of the Idaho Innocence Project and became interested in Knox after examining DNA evidence in the case.
“We take cases primarily from Idaho, we’re working on several cases right now in Idaho with people who claim to be innocent who are imprisoned,” Hampikian told KTVB.
Two years ago, he studied how DNA evidence is used in criminal cases abroad and “…was appalled.”
Continue reading on Amanda Knox case being examined by Idaho Innocence Project (video) - National Crime |

Amanda Knox case being examined by Idaho Innocence Project (video) - National Crime |

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

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Some celebrity stunts and scams of an Internet menace

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"Daric Richie" AKA Darrick Goff,  Dereck Goff,  Daric Rawr has cooked up the following cheap stunts to get his bit of celebrity,  and to generally become an internet menace:

1.  Wrote a bunch of untrue articles and bios about himself (and when the Examiner got wise,  they deleted a good portion of these).  See his Wikia,  or my screenshot of it if he tries to edit.    Also published books which no one has bought or reviewed on Amazon.

2.  Scammed the LGBTQ community,  and one of the finest gay venues ever,  Queerty,  into believing his fictitious gay lover had committed suicide at the height of the gay teen suicide scandal last fall.  and

3.  Pretended to believe in Amanda Knox's innocence,  and wrote fake news about being attacked for it;  then after throwing those he befriended in  the pro-Knox camp under the bus,   pretended to read the Massei Motivation report,  and that he had become convinced of her guilt,  and wrote fake news about being attacked for it,  and got Perugia Murder File to lower their standards and swallow it.  Swarmed by a group of angry pro-Knox zealots?  Methinks you lie,  Mr. Richie!  And that ought to be a very serious matter,  making false allegations of such a nature:  I wonder why the Examiner deleted this important news flash, hmmm?

4.  Posed as a minor  -  which is illegal for any reason  -  and gave advice to young teens.  Subjected anyone who called him out on his vicious and crappy stunts to the charge of "pedophilic stalking"  (eh???)
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Transgender Woman Beaten Into Seizure At McDonald’s

Pop Injection/PMF's "Daric Richie" comes of age

Image representing Wikia as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseOld enough to fight in Iraq:  

As this screenshot proves,  Richie lists his age as 18,  which is indeed the age of a legal adult in the United States,  and throughout the world.  

Posing as a minor on the internet is not a good policy and is actually considered illegal activity,  unless one is doing law enforcement work. 

  Another screenshot below shows Richie's Wikia page has been edited to explain that the Examiner has deleted his "exclusive interview",  as well as the entire list of articles about "Richie"  which appeared on their news venue.    

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Friday, April 22, 2011

DNA Expert claims Knox, Sollecito, innocent of murder

On the right, Palazzo Dei Priori (town hall), ...Image via Wikipedia
Dr. Greg Hampikian is a professor of biology at Boise State University and the director of the Idaho Innocence Project.
“We take cases primarily from Idaho, we're working on several cases right now in Idaho with people who claim to be innocent who are imprisoned,” said Hampikian.
By using DNA evidence, the Idaho Innocence Project has helped to exonerate seven people across the country.  Hampikian's research has taken him around the world.
Two years ago, by chance he became involved with one of the most high profile international murder cases.
“I was trying to study how DNA evidence is used in other countries, and when I looked at the data -- I was appalled,” said Hampikian.
The data he was looking at was from the Amanda Knox case, an American student convicted of murdering her roommate at a home they shared in Perugia, Italy.  Knox, as well as her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and another man, Rudy Guede, were all convicted in the murder of Meredith Kercher.
"The one piece of evidence that tied her to this case had such a low level of DNA with the victim on it that I think it was probably just one of these casual transfers, certainly not from a stabbing,” said Hampikian.
Hampikian volunteered his services to Knox's defense team.
After scouring over the evidence at his lab on the BSU campus, Dr. Hampikian says Knox and Sollecito are innocent of the crime.
DNA evidence points to Rudy Guede as the prime suspect. Read the full article here.  

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Internet scammer who sought celebrity in LGBTQ community resurfaces in Amanda Knox saga // Current

Internet scammer who sought celebrity in LGBTQ community resurfaces in Amanda Knox saga // Current

Daric Richie's troubling past : From LGBT suicide to Amanda Knox, PMF member is a practiced scammer

Troubling that a site such as Perugia Murder File, which at one time had standards ,  is now praising this internet menace who has apparently made a career out of scams.  

I had the misfortune to encounter such a person on a European scholars blog, and it was stunning the number of online identities this man had, and the money he was able to bilk from trusting "colleagues". (This "scholar"  also proved to be a convicted felon and registered sex offender in the UK.)

  It appears DR fits the same profile,  and is in need of the same kind of help.  More of the past antics of this person  @ the following site,  which has aptly called the 20 year old youth  " a sick kid":

Also, this YouTube exposes Richie under the name of "Daric Rawr":  Nasty stuff.

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Amanda Knox Is Innocent, Says BSU Researcher - KIVITV.COM | Boise. Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Fictitious internet poster Daric Richie dupes Perugia Murder File and Peter Quennell

Perugia by NightImage by Niccolò Caranti via Flickr
This story regarding Daric Richie and Perugia Murder File  smells quite a bit like the recent one involving National Organization for Marriage defector Louis Marinelli.   It's all about that 15 minutes of fame.  I see that the Examiner has now deleted Richie's "exclusive interview"  ,  and in fact all articles pertaining to him on the Examiner seem to have vanished.  Odd,  too,  that the 16 year old list his age as 18 here .  In any case,  "Daric Richie"  is a fictitious persona of a make-believe "celebrity"  who has resorted to the lowest stunts for publicity,  as can be seen on this YouTube.  Perugia Murder File and his alleged run-in with Friends of Amanda Knox is just the lastest of his cheap gimmicks.  

read full article @
Guilter Talkin': Daric Richie dupes PMF and Peter Quennell
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rescue Rabbit starts drive for Bunnies: Flopsy Lopsy Basket for Bunnies Drive


Flopsy Parker,  a North Carolina rescue rabbit who has his own Facebook page which he and his Mom Gretta  use to facilitate social awareness about abandoned rabbits,  is beginning the Flopsy Lopsy Basket for Bunnies Drive.  Read about in on Facebook.  
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NOM Threatens To Sue Defector of Marriage Defense Group

House GOP retains former SG to defend DOMA -

Under New Influence