Monday, December 15, 2008

What Price Civilization

I have posted a piece in response to SMK's post about the return of the repressed at my blog, here

It's an excerpt from Schizo Cinema which I chose to post there so it wouldn't lose the formatting of italics, but any comments can continue at this place.



SM Kovalinsky said...

Wow, just saw this, thanks, Jake.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Beautiful posting, excellent analysis, and I simply MUST find a fix for this formatting problem, as I cannot have an author unable to post (starting to scream in New Jersey). You are a true scholar, and a thinker after my own heart, Horsley.

SM Kovalinsky said...

JAKE: JUST RE-READ THE EXCERPT: I like the way you think, and I like your writing style. I like that you are an enemy of the sentimental. Your questions concerning Freud and repression are on the money, all the way. You understand human sexuality. And you are correct in saying that though a cure is not offered, the diagnosis is deepened. You have my complete respect and admiration. Bravo to you.

Jason (Jake) Horsley said...

Susan, yes i am an enemy of sentimentality -the simulation of emotion in the absence real feeling

it's of course the backbone of Hollywood feel-good product and indeed of feel-good politics

my suspicion over the whole Obama mania relates to this

surely people know by now that presidents serve their backers, not the public??

i am all for idealism but not if it entails ignoring the facts!

That said, i can be a sucker for a good feel-good movie too. I'm pretty sure i cried at Crocodile Dundee... ; )

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, Jake, I am in full agreement with you, even on Obamamania. My sense of him is that he is great despite the mania; that he is something more than the Change platform, even that he may be a bit dark and dangerous. But I may have projected this onto him, or (more likely) it may be a potential in him, which will never come to actualization. In any case, I do love your writing.

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