Saturday, December 13, 2008

POETICAL PRAISE OF PROVINCETOWN : Beautiful Expressions by Patterson

Available at
Provincetown Poems,
a collection of poems by Edward C Patterson which
pay tribute, in beautiful lyric expression, to the landscape, people, and gay nightlife of Provincetown on
Cape Cod, MA. These are contained in Mr. Patterson's book : "The Closet Clandestine: A Queer Comes Out" , available


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Edward C. Patterson said...

Provincetown Poems is currently published in a volmue of my poetry called The Closet Clandestine: a queer comes out available at on

I didn;t relize that my poetry was being posted here, but I did post these once on Blogit years ago.

Edward C. Patterson

SM Kovalinsky said...

Mr. Patterson: I found your poems on Blogit about a year ago, and had loved one of them so much, I had published it on my American culture blog (of course, under your name). They are the most apt expressions regarding PTown that I have come across. My late husband and I summered in Provincetown and loved the A-House and all therein. I will buy this volume, and perhaps could post a review, advising readers to buy the volume from Amazon. For now, let me change this post, to reflect the amazon text for sale. Thank you.

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