Sunday, December 7, 2008

Huffington Post: Obama and Smoking

       I thought it was interesting to see a piece in today's edition of Huffington Post,  on Obama and smoking.  Although the article reinforced the same old theme  -  Obama is a "recovered" smoker,  and happy to be so,  and will continue to enforce the nation's ban on smoking,  within the White House as well  -  I found it interesting,  because members of the press know that Barack does indeed sneak cigarettes.  Howe and Strauss,  uncanny prophets that they are ,   predicted a Generation Xer coming to leadership,  who would be a smoker,  and make such respectable once more.  So much for the politically correct health nazis
(  yeah,  I am a smoker,  lol).  Believe it or not,  this lifiting of the ban on smoking is an important feature of a return to the general consensus,  in which the fusiness of the unravelling period gives way to the bolder and freer atmosphere and machismo of the fourth turning era.

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