Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama Silent on Gaza Crisis

While Israel rejects the call to truce,  Obama's continued silence on the Gaza crisis is making many Arabs feel pessimistic about his message of global change.  He has conceded that Israel has the right to self-defense;  that Palestinians may feel likewise is an idea that Obama keeps shrouded in his silence. 
Obama's youthful and virile presentation ,  coupled with his compassion and his eclectic heritage and background,  seemed an almost magical recipe for a new start in the middle east. 

His hesitation bespeaks a timidity which might be construed as bordering on cowardice.  He will inherit the Gaza-Israel conflict,  but it remains unclear whether he will have the strength to address it in a way which departs from US business as usual in foreign policy  ( unquestioned support of Israel and its agenda)

. "It is difficult to sympathize with a group [Hamas]  that does not identify itself as a Nation-State."  Barack Obama , December 2008

As a philosophical exersize,  I did consult the I Ching with this question:  What is Obama actually feeling and thinking right now with the Gaza conflict.?  Using the James Legge translation,  I received hexagram 50, The Cauldron,   with lines 3,4, and 6 changing to hexagram7,  The Army.    Some lines:

His progress is stopped. . . but soon the genial rains will come,  and his action will be in every way advantageous. . . The Cauldron designed for the ruler's use, has it's feet broken and its contents overturened.  The subject will be made to blush with shame. There will be evil. . . The transformational work is done, and action will bring good fortune. . . [leading to The Army]. . . My translation/interpretation:  Obama is in fact concealing his true ideas and feelings,  and is experiencing considerable shame regarding this.  In the future,  a cleansing situation will give him the opportunity for fresh action,  which will cross ideological lines,  and be innovative and successful.  

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