Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Changing of the Year

The Changing of the Year:  2009  Ringing in the year of Obama     With Inauguration Day only weeks away now,  we are truly on the cusp of  a new order:  It is the Changing of the Guard.  Let us pray for Barack Obama,  he has many national and global challenges to face.  Happy New Year to all.  
From Nietzsche's From High Mountains:
Sure of our victory,  we celebrate
The Feast of Feasts:
Friend Zarathustra's come,  the guest of guests!
The world now laughs,
rent are the drapes of fright;
The wedding is at hand,  of dark and light. . .  

New Year's Eve in Times Square,  New York;
my dear husband and I used to love this.  


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