Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Anthony Case, the apple did not fall far from the tree

In Anthony case,  the appled did not fall far from the tree. 

I have not bothered to give the Casey Anthony case any atterntion on my blog until now,  because I dislike sensationalism and media hype.  It is always upsetting when a child dies,  especially when the mother is the prime suspect,  but these things have always happened,  and always will.  What bothers me now is the amount of so-called experts who are babbling on about Ms. Anthony being a sociopath,  as though that term is static and fixed,  and not fluid.  The person who is sociopathic does not have a disease like diabetes;  nor were they born monsters.

  It is usually an adaptive stance,  a camoflouge tactic because a parent was too invasive.  From what has been seen of Ms Anthony's mother,  Cindy,  it is clear that more than a little something is amiss there.  She appears to have been using the grandchild as glue for her failing marriage,  and her daughter clearly had hostile feelings about this.

  There is a lot more there than meets the eye;  the death of the infact is only a last consequence in a long chain of antecedents which nobody can untangle from without.  I do wish American media would stop this sort of ghoulish speculating about the suspect,  and get on with more important matters.  The dead child belonged to these people,  and it is ultimately their loss and their future burden,  which may be handed down in some subtle way through the generations. 

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