Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"Killing is a form of our wandering mourning." ~Rilke; Sonnets to Orpheus

Just happened upon an online review of this text, which I had not heard of, but whose author, Jason Horsley, is known to me. A quote of this author on an alternative political website enticed me to do a search on him, and I discovered he is author of several texts.

The text presented here is an analysis and critique of the violence in American cinema, from the 1950s to the end of the '90s. From the Amazon reviews I read, it is superbly written, and its author's perception astute and compelling. He treats his subject with dignity, say his reviewers, and I recall his blog postings which verify here.

This theme can be expanded on, surely, taken to our present era, the dawn of the Obama age, and may be examined in light of the shifts which may ensue, regarding sensibility and opinion on violence. Howe and Strauss have much to say on this theme of Hollywood, and views of violence, in light of the historical saeculum, and its seasons. It so happens also, that this theme of cinematic violence and the appearance of a "Prince of Peace" as our president elect has been occupying my refection, largely.

I will write my own review, when my ordered text arrives, and do plan to request an interview with its author.
I have no doubt that the text is well written, and the analysis shrewd, as I am already familiar with the author, both from his Matrix Warrior, and from the Anthony Peake Cheating the Ferryman forums. I happened to arrive in London on October 10, the very night Horsley was there with author Anthony Peake, but just missed being introduced to him. Perhaps next time, as it would be my honor. . .


Jason (Jake) Horsley said...

Hi Susan

nice to see one of my babies receiving some attention. I believe BP sold one copy this year, so if you buy both volumes, then you can single-handedly double my royalty check next year!

But at around $50 a pop,it's not really surprising it never hit the best-seller (BS?) list, is it.

be more than happy to talk about it with you, thanks for the plug, & good luck with the blog. I watch with interest.

SM Kovalinsky said...

My pleasure, Jake, and it so happens that this theme is of great interest to me, and precisely now. Thank you so much for your response, and I do look forward to reading the text!

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