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Reflections on Amaral's Documentary and the Cavader Dogs

While there are some who say the cavader dog scenes in Goncalo Amaral's  The Truth of the Lie  film are not impressive and that the dogs are not infallible, I found them chilling.  These two canines have an extremely high rate of accuracy. Time and expertise were invested in their training. 

Also:  The crime scene need not be "pure". Cavader dogs have detected the presence of blood and corpses even after cement has been poured on top of the site. Goncalo Amaral's critics have chastised him about 11 holiday makers renting out 5A after the McCanns, and prior to the two British trained forensic dogs being called in. The charge of incompetance does not hold water.

Another point; an extremely important one: The psychological profiler on the blog, Lies Our Mothers Told Us, who posts under the pseudonym, "Miss Represented", makes this astute observation regarding the Kercher murder case in Perugia,  Italy  : Consciousness of Innocence is offensive; the Guilty Mind tends toward defensiveness. In other words: The innocent person will reply to the charge, "We have detected cavader odor in the apartment and rental car used by you " with, "For God's sakes, what are you speaking of? That is madness, nonsense, impossible! Why would that be found, it defies reality!" whereas the guilty person will think of reasons: "We had meat packages and blood leaked; I was in touch with six corpses at work and brought my work clothes to wear on the trip; the cuddle cat needed washing; etc......"

Psychoanalysis is a HUGE part of forensic "evidence"; ask any FBI criminal profiler if their analysis is not vastly important to the prosecution.

Other scenes which were impressive in the documentary:  The Smith family's siting of Gerry McCann carrying the "sleeping"  child toward the beach at 10 pm on the night of May 3,  2007;  the behavior of the McCanns when first seen by the Portugese police;  the split-second scenes of  re-enactment of the Tapas dinner.

Madeleine McCann Disappearence: A “Disgusting” Episode of Distorted Evidence

Madeleine McCann Disappearence: A “Disgusting” Episode of Distorted Evidence

Whatever: Drowning In A Droplet

Whatever: Drowning In A Droplet

From Goncalo Amaral's "The Truth of the Lie"

A Verdade da Mentira - Maddie McCann (Parte 2 de 5)
Video sent by thelastdoor

From Goncalo Amaral's "The Truth of the Lie" . . . foul deeds will rise, though all the earth o'erwhelm them, to men's eyes. . .

"The Truth of the Lie": McCanns as Viewed by Amaral's Investigation: A Verdade da Mentira - Maddie McCann (Parte 1 de 5)

A Verdade da Mentira - Maddie McCann (Parte 1 de 5)
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White House moves to restrict criticism of stimulus projects | Washington Examiner

White House moves to restrict criticism of stimulus projects | Washington Examiner

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Manhattan Realtor Excels in Client Satisfaction, Excellence

Anyone who is interested in Manhattan real estate ought to know about broker Edward Longley, Senior Vice President of Citi Connections Realty.    With impeccable qualifications  and a plethora of expertise certification memberships, Longley has risen to prominence as one of Manhattan's real estate luminaries.
His expert opinion on the fluctuations of the market have been cited in  Manhattan's The Real Deal,  The New York Times,  and The New York Post.  

Creating a network of highly specialized consulting experts in the various domains of real estate -  marketing analysis ,  financing,  production and construction  -  this Doctorate- holding professional has expanded his client base to include New York's mega-movers and  true  shakers of the Big Apple,  including  the prestigious names of  Greg Medcraft,  Tom Nash,  Jacques Bonneau,  Barry MacDonald and Daniel Barteluce.
Longley is a pragmatist and businessman in the classical and best sense of the word:  Hailing from a distinguished English lineage which includes authors and dignitaries,  he is cut from the wood that is solid and fine.  His philanthropic ethic, his professionalism,  and  warm persona are  backed by a robust no-holds-barred New York shrewdness,  and one would have to search far indeed to encounter his bester.   The blog team at  Musing in Obama's America  highly recommend Longley for anyone who seeks professional expertise in braving the waters of  our Obama-era Manhattan real estate market.  

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Commentary » Barack Obama, Deconstructionist

Commentary » Blog Archive » Barack Obama, Deconstructionist
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NOM against gay marriage in New York - Ben Smith -

NOM against gay marriage in New York - Ben Smith -

From SeattlePI: Amanda Knox case creates a police investigation at home

I thought I would link to this article,  as it is a most interesting turn of events,  and I had known "Skeptical Bystander"  over at the Lies Our Mothers Told Us  blog,  which provides some truly astute and in-depth psychoanalysis critiquing motives of  sex assault and murder in the Meredith Kercher case. On the blog, Alternate Theories,  I read a post today regarding the sex assault and murder theorized as taking place from behind,  by a left handed male perpetrator. This is interesting,  but the staging is still viewed as being the work of "accomplices",  and so in this case, the devil is not in the details,  but rather in the overarching meaning on the scenario.  In early June,  Knox is set to take the stand,  but one wonders if this will actually occur,  or if her attorneys will decide in the 11th hour that she may not serve her own self-interests in doing so.   Link below,  to piece:

Amanda Knox case creates a police investigation at home

The Hedgehog Blog: Gay Marriage: The Crux of the Debate

The Hedgehog Blog: Gay Marriage: The Crux of the Debate

McCanns Are Annoying More Than Ever

Those McCanns are really annoying me now.  Having your private investigators harass a weak and dying former pedophile when the true police have closed the investigation long ago because all the evidence points back to you,  is every criminal's dream, and the height of arrogance. Yuck,  is all I have to say.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings Will Be a Trial of the GOP

Roberto Lovato: Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings Will Be a Trial of the GOP

CA Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban

California's supreme court upholds gay marriage ban | World news |
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Cavendish Arms in Stockwell Applauds Chopper

He did it.  Chopper wowed the crowds in Cavendish Arms,  Stockwell,  Great Britain.  Now he must test his mettle in Manhattan.  Who knew that this Whiteboy could pull off such brilliant stuff?  I did , that's who!!!  Mr. Twitter Universe has nothing on this Lamb Chop,  with his South London accent, his Satirical Sociologist Street Smarts, and now New York is his playground.... Go to ,  Chop Chop!  In this pic you are poised on the threshold of your second youth,  rush this opportunity!

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Despite New Suspect Hewlett, McCanns' Innocence Still in Doubt

With all the talk of the new suspect,  Raymond Hewlett,  in the Madeline McCann case,  I think it should be remembered that a similar parade of emerging suspects occurred in the JonBenet Ramsey case.  But none of this can wave away the original suspicions  -  with good cause - of the original investigators.  Hewlett was 62 years old at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, and was staying some 60 miles away from the resort.  And what of the original lies the McCanns told,  the staging of the  open window,  the changed stories,  the contradictions, the evidence of the cavader dogs,  etc.  : The list goes on and on.

I remain unconvinced and unmoved by this new "significant" suspect,  and do not see it as a break in this case,  which is outliving any usefulness it may have had (if  indeed it ever  had any,  other than to reveal the psychology of arrogance and irresponsibility,   and the psychopathology of fraud and deception.)

Supposing this man confesses?  And he just might:  He is in a hospital in Germany, dying of throat cancer,  what does he have to lose?  Then the McCanns will mourn that the body will not be recovered, and the world will mourn with them,  and they will grow more smug,  and give counsel to more people,  and all the while the truth will be vanishing like smoke,  and will never be known.  I am extremely suspicious as to the timing of this new "break";  it comes on the heels of Goncalo Amaral's threats to counter sue the couple.  It is the perfect solution to their problem which won't go away, and it comes at the perfect moment.  

And now news of Amaral's guilt in falsifying evidence on another case surfaces in the news.  The McCann machine is winning.  It is grinding to dust all opposition,  and would appear to have truth on its side,  except to the discerning.

Friday, May 22, 2009

DNA Evidence on Alleged Murder Weapon Links Knox to Crime

In court testimony in Perugia Friday  forensic scientist Patrizia Stefinoni spoke regarding   forensic samples of evidence seized during the crime scene investigation in 2007.  One of those  reveals Amanda Knox's DNA on the handle of the  knife which matches the murder weapon description.  Ms.  Kercher's DNA is also found on the blade.  In early June,  the defense will refute each piece of evidence,  providing their own experts' testimony.

Chopper To Take On Manhattan

Rumor has it that while visiting mid-town Manhattan this summer,  Chopper (nicknamed,  "Martin")  Huxter just might be doing a stand up gig to reveal his comedic and satirical charm before the great and cynical audience of New Yorkers.  A little twitter bird told me this,  more details to follow. . .

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama Makes His Case for Closing of Guantanamo : Live Address

And then Dick Cheney will make his counter case,  as a voice speaking from the by-gone W Bush "War on Terror"  era.  A swan-song,  really,  as Obama does constitute a fresh advance,  a new approach, and a venue for global diplomacy and a new era in which Change is more than rhetoric...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knox Trial in Perugia in Abeyance

Amanda Knox still stands on trial with Raffaele Solicito for the 2007 murder of British co-ed Meredith Kercher,  in Perugia,  Italy.  Curt Knox,  father of Amanda,  has told press that he is looking forward to his daughter's testimony on the stand in early June,  and to the chance for the defense to advance its thesis.    He added that the defense will refute every single piece of forensic evidence,  and that the story will appear quite different from the prosecution's popular theory.

 After Knox's testimony,  the court will recess and the outcome consensus may not be known until next October.  

Obama Youth Corps Video Called "Militaristic"

Cannot believe that this video, here removed from YouTube,  had so many worried.  The tendency to believe that Obama might be America's 21st century Hitler seems a projection of a wish.  If such a state of blatant or covert fascism were to occur,  the Democrats would never live it down.  Not the way its going to work:  global hyper-democracy is a  bipartisan disease.  One party cannot bear the weight of blame at this juncture.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogosphere Still Buzzes With Theories of McCanns' Guilt

I have of late been looking at forums from the UK and USA blogospheres,  and have found a plethora of forums which are vehemently and earnestly proclaiming that the McCanns covered up the accidental death of their daughter,  Madeline,  2 years ago.  It is nothing short of stunning,  truly,   the material which is covered on these blogs and forums,  and how a multitude,  their name legion,  have lifted up their voices in cyberspace-outrage at the global deception and swindle of these 2 British doctors.  As I have now read several interviews with the Portugese homicide detective who was removed from the case,  I must say his own repeated  assertions that these allegations are true,  is compelling.  There is one blog post in particular, on the site, The  McCann Gallery,  posted by "Himself" ,  which was composed of  the most lofty rhetoric and soaring prose I have encountered in some time: In an open letter to the couple,  the author assured  them that justice will be served,  at some time in the future,  though it take generations.  It was a piece of sublime literary force, and seemed a summation of all which came before,  and will come after regarding this case...
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Angels and Demons - Feeding our love of conspiracies : denialism blog

Angels and Demons - Feeding our love of conspiracies : denialism blog

Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have Seen the Degenerates, and They are Us

In 1993,  Ignatius Press published E Michael Jones'  Degenerate Moderns:  Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Behavior.

"Sexual compulsion masquerading as scientific interest."  This is Jones on Kinsey,  the leading expert of the modern sexual revolution and its education agenda.  Perversity in sexual ideology will lead us down a slippery slope of untruth,  illusion,  and intellectual depravity.  Americans are confused, and as Allen Bloom showed in The Closing of the American Mind (1987),  this is largely due to sexual proclivities wearing a smokescreen of philosophy and ideology.

  The underpinnings of liberalism are corrupt, and lead the social order into the abyss,  not only sexually and morally,  but  logically.  Err redundant logic has become the infrastructure of America,  hanging on a thread and a prayer;    a web of madness in which the classical noble moves cautiously and furtively,  like an exile.

Having been led astray by Kinsey ,  we are asked to believe, for example,  that a significant minority of Americans are homosexual.  This despite a gaping contradiction coming from precise scientific surveys which place the number at between 1-2%.  Does this matter?  Apparently,  it does.  Public education has allowed its agenda to be waylaid by the Gay Advocacy machine,  and with less than promising results.  We are asked to swallow piece meal ideas about female sexuality which are diametrically opposed to women's genuine self interest.   Bill Muehlenberg's Op-Ed pieces are a cry in the wilderness:  That which ought to be censored and shunned is championed under the guise of liberal academia's progression into the future.

Herbert Marcuse,  Normon O Brown,  Erich Fromm:  The role call of the Frankfurt School which sprang from the side of the Zeus of communistic ideology and has endangered the New Jerusalem.

All of the above is somehow beside the point.  It is a negation,  because the chronology from which our present era arose has followed this path, and it is irretrievable.

It is not odd that even as pedophilia is dumbed down to mean an 18 year old necking  with a 15 year old,  the larger crimes of post-feminism and post-modernism go un-rebuked and unchecked?  The howl to ban cigarette smoking moved in lock-step with the advance of a topsy turvy cultural agenda,  which answered to a strange god that our fathers knew not.  On the one hand ,  there is a punitive and hypocritical social science.  In tandem,  is a feckless and haphazard cultural elephant which continues to lumber about.  The horses are pulling the chariot, and they go in opposite directions.  It is not liberalism or revolution which has damaged:  It was the inability to decipher the why,  and the duties of such. That is the problem which is not being addressed. It is not even being named.

Fort Lauderdale Entrepreneur has Fascinating Phallic Theory; Social and Cultural Implications are Many

In my work as an independent writer and editor,  one of the more pleasant aspects is having the chance to meet interesting people.  Last night,  I had the pleasure of conducting a phone interview with Mr.  Al Dana,  a Florida entrepreneur and inventor. who has come up with a truly innovative theory regarding male health,  which also has cultural,  social,  and psychological implications.  

Dana,  55, of Fort Lauderdale,  Fla,   has been a promoter of major rock bands in the U.S.  since the early '70s,  and has patented several inventions,  which have been marketed nationally and globally,  with much success.  He is also the discoverer  of a special litigation clause called Collateral Stopal,  and is the first person to successfully litigate using the concept.  

But what is truly fascinating about Mr. Dana is his theory regarding male phallic health.  Leading to the creation of a new medical weight training device,  featured on Wikipedia as Kegel Male Trainer/Stud Trainer,  it is an idea whose time has come.  While an un-matriculated student at the University of Miami,  Dana became fascinated with Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man,  which is the whole man,  in all his powers.  In Da Vinic's concept,  the phallic area is the Sun of universal cosmology.  Using the male body as a microcosm of this concept,  the ideation focuses on the phallus as source of total health for the male. 

While studying at the University of Miami,  Dana began a sort of "guided"  process,  which would eventually lead him to the creation of his weight training device.  Its premise is that here are three muscles contained within the phallus/penis.  Says Dana,  "After the male sexual peak during adolescence,  these begin to atrophy.  This in turn causes incontinecne,  weak erections,  premature ejaculations,  as well as fertility problems."    His training device uses low weight balls for resistance,   weighing from 2.5 ounces for 1 ball,  and reaching a maximum of 10 ounces for 3-4 balls.  Men generally use the device once or twice a week, and within a period of months,  experience a total rejuvination.  Not only do the problems with incontinence and premature ejaculation/weak erection clear up,  but there are signs of increased testosterone levels as well.  These include:  Decrease in pectoral and waist flab,  increaed sexual stamina,  fertility,  and general self-esteem.  

There are psychological implications which feed directly into the culture and society as well.  Says Dana,  "With this atrophy or withering of the phallus,  there is often a blaming of the female partner.  This is of course not good for marriage.  The guy begins to seek titillation,  affairs or pornography,  which leads nowhere.  After using this device,  men are so rejuvenated that they are once again proud and happy in their primary relationship."   

Fascinating to this writer is the fact that the premise of Dana's device is well-supported by Alternative Medicine literature:  "Better ejaculation rids the testicles of cariogenic material."  says Dana.  "There are no toxic effects on the heart,  liver,  or nervous system ,  such as with Viagra,  Vimax and the numerous pharmaceutical male enhancement products on the American and European markets.. Risks and side effects are nil."  

It has been said that with white rapper Emimem in 1998,  we entered the era of Male Phallic worship.  Certainly,  Dana's product's logos is boasting "the true angle of the erection"  by Vitruvian standards.  It is a fascinating idea,  that phallic resurgence  -  such as classical Greek culture advocated  -  is here as predicted by Nietzsche.   Indeed,  gay males have been large contributors to  and proponents of this social effect,   And Dana's theory has not gone unnoticed by them.  A gay website owner told Dana,  "You made this for us!"  and Dana had to at least partly agree.  "Anything which increases male esteem and happiness is good for our society."  he said from his Fort Lauderdale home.   I do not think many can argue with that idea.    Dana's Kegel Male Trainer/Stud Trainer will be profiled once again on Wikipedia,  along with his personal biography.  The device is well patented under Federal Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So dominant is liberalism that it becomes invisible....

 From James Kalb's  " The Tyranny of Liberalism":

micaela swift: So dominant is liberalism that it becomes invisible....

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It is not error upon error which infuriates.  It is most emphatically not a complaint against President Obama,  but all which came before;  all which transpired from the 1970s into the 1990s,  and grows apace.  The tyrannical nature of the whole substratum of social services and courts and the surveillance which has come in its stead:  This ,  precisely this,  is what galls me.

Eminem's Relapse

Eminem's Relapse album will hit stores on May 19.  The rapper has told Vibe magazine that he has battled and won his addiction to Vicoden,  Valium,  and Ambien,  after nearly losing his life to substance abuse.

Hatch Thinks Obama Used "Code"

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has said this week that he believes when President Obama spoke of future Supreme Court justices needing "empathy",  he was in fact using "code"  for "activist judges".  Many on the right believe that Obama could stack the Supreme Court during his presidency,  and view him as "to the left of,  and far more radical than,  FDR.".

The country is tipping to the left,  in a natural chronology  out of what took place in excess in the '90s and early part of this decade.  Obviously in times of transition and change,  the losing side becomes gripped with anxiety as they see changes taking place over which they have little control,  and which are diametrically opposed to their partisan and ideologue interests.  Seen as a radical leftist with a socialist agenda  by some,  Obama strikes fear into their hearts as they imagine him making a clean sweep regarding the second amendment and other constitutional protections.

If Obama is employing the rhetoric of a man with a radical and sweeping vision of Change for America,  he is evoking a response from the right,  similar in kind and degree,  to what Ronald Reagen evoked in the left,.  in the early '80s.  Par for the course.  Nothing can stop the forward progress of history,  even if that forward march should include periods of regression to some former time.

In Brown v the Board of Education,  Chris Matthews of MSNBC has argued,  empathy became one of the overarching and great motivators.  I think few could argue with this.

Reid: Obama Should Make Unconventional Supreme Court Choice

Reid: Obama Should Make Unconventional Supreme Court Choice

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Tweeting, Twittering Tech Savvy President

Obama Starts "Tweeting" From The White House | AHN | May 4, 2009
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Obama and Crisis

President Obama inherited multiple crises when he took office in January.  Today,  the New York Times  speaks about the link to economic recession which is vital for the new administration.  But this connection of the presidency with hard times also carries attendant risks:  That the Democrats might come to be viewed as merely manipulating  this crisis to their own big government ends.    That their agenda was lurking there,  waiting to pounce on just such an opportunity,  has of course been a common complaint from the right for some time.

Tonight,  Chris Matthews'  Hard Ball will examine the feasibility of universal healthcare.  This issue is a sticking point and the bipartisan comraderie breaks down here predictably.  

To link to the excellent  New York Times  article:

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All Reporters Rise for Obama? |

All Reporters Rise for Obama? |

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama's View of Role of Supreme Court Raises Conservative Rancor

Obama is not pleasing conservatives and libertarians with his recent remarks on the role of the Supreme Court in American society.  Speaking at an impromptu press conference in after Justice Souter's announcement of pending retirement,  Obama called "empathy"  a key trait he would look for in appointing future justices,  and added that the role of the Supreme Court is to show compassion for the disenfranchised.

Now this is a populist view,  for sure.  ( Wasn't Obama called an elitist all throughout the campaingn?)  But then, we are in the season and the time for populism.  Obama has his reasons, and the ethics of reason support him.  He does not bow to the letter of the law while violating its heart.

Conservatives Bristle as Obama Calls Empathy "Key" to Supreme Court Justice Character

Speaking of Justice Souter's pending retirement,  Obama called empathy "key"  to future Supreme Court Justice picks,    and said that the "role"  of the supreme court is to help others feel welcome in America;  in particular,  the disenfranchised.

Of course conservatives and libertarians are having none of this.  They see this view of the Supreme Court's role in America as being as foolhardy as it is dangerous.  This is reasonable when viewing all through their particular lens.  Obama is surely a populist,  but this is the time and the season for populism.  (Didn't they call him an elitist during the campaign?)    But Obama's perspective has its own reason, and the ethics of reason,  which they know not.  He does not bow to the letter of the law,  while violating the heart of the law.  He is a bit too Christian for their tastes.

Coming to a State Near You: Martial Law and the Growing Fear

In the blogospere of America,  throughout the halls of cyber-society,  there is a growing suspicion and increased mistrust of FEMA,  the Office of Homeland Security,  and other federal agencies which might have undue power to subdue the populace and order our lives should a state of martial law ever be declared.

The expanded Presidential powers which were a major incident of the Bush-Cheney Administration after 9-11 are now in place under an Obama Administration,  and to those who fear big government and global new order,  it is a bipartisan dilemma with both major parties indicted.  Swine flu now raises the alarm as the Patriot Act did under W.  Nothing has changed in terms of the schema or the building paranoia ,  nor  the dread of the coming anarchy.

Pandemic pandemonium | Salon

Pandemic pandemonium | Salon

OpEdNews » Foreclosure bill: With Democratic Senators like this, who needs enemies?

OpEdNews » Foreclosure bill: With Democratic Senators like this, who needs enemies?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu: Congressional Politics and the Role of the Media - montcalm - Open Salon

Swine Flu: Congressional Politics and the Role of the Media - montcalm - Open Salon

America's necessary dark night of the soul | Salon

America's necessary dark night of the soul | Salon

Swine Flu's Name Changed by WHO

Swine Flu to be called Influenza A H1N1 by World Health Organization:

As the swine flu virus alert level was ramped up to Level 5, yesterday, April 30, 2009, by the World Health Authority (WHO), one below pandemic level, the European Union has just announced the virus’ name change to “Novel Flu Virus”. The WHO, on the other hand, has announced it will begin referring to the virus as Influenza A (H1N1) to pacify apparently outraged pork industry producers. A good sign is that new cases are declining in Mexico.
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Obama's Law: The Future of the Supreme Court

Alexander Heffner: Obama's Law: The Future of the Supreme Court

Everett Dr. with apparent swine flu saw 22 kids -

Everett Dr. with apparent swine flu saw 22 kids -

Amanda Knox: The Trial Continues...

Am wondering if Amanda Knox will testify at the trial. As others have rightly said, she would most likely crumble under cross-examination, seeing as she has not been able to come up with a cohesive story in all her time musing in jail. Her father, Curt Knox, says that his daughter is "anxious to testify and to show the court she is 100% innocent". The 48 hours special which has aired, declaring the 16 month investigation into the case has proven Knox to be a victim of corrupt Italian police, seems to have not taken into account the very real discepencies and incoherence in the stories of Knox and Sollecito.   CBS reporter Peter Van Sant has said that the case is like "a runaway bus rolling over the innocent Amanda.".

The Italian judge said that his main reason for believing that Knox and Sollicito must have been accomplices of Rudy Guede in the murder of Ms. Kerhcer is that it was clear that someone who knew of the crime, and had an interest in coming back and staging the scene, and who had access to the cottage, had done so. Who else, he reasoned, could this have been but Ms. Knox? It is well-nigh impossible to get around these facts, although the 48 Hours investigation seemed to have missed them completely.  And when Nancy Grace aired her own interviews with family members of Ms. Knox,  as well as legal experts,  it came down to something like,  "there is no witness,  no evidence,  no confession,  no case."  Very different from the scene in Perugia.

On many of the forums about this case,  people have remarked about Amanda's inability to tell reality from fantasy,  her penchant for pornography,  and the desire to enact some of the scenarios caught in her mind;  moreover,  the very strangeness,  the downright weirdness, of her phraseology,  whether in her verbal comments or the ramblings of her prison diary.  These last are indicative of a person who lacks empathy,  and lacks the ability to conceal her own oddities (because unaware of them).  

On the excellent blog, Lies Our Mothers Told Us, the blog mistress, Miss Represented, has done a fine and thorough job of analysis of all the intricacies of this most perplexing and disturbing case. There is the suspicion by some there, that the crime may have even been far more than a "game gone wrong": It may have been a premeditated murder which shipwrecked on the rocks of Murphy's Law.

Will simply have to see what unfolds in the coming weeks and months. Odd that the Italian court system would conduct a muder trial only on weekends, though. Seems to break with consistancy. One wonders with Guede, Knox, and Sollecito, if this is going to be a case where "the weakest link will break". Guede has been silent, and done and said nothing which would serve in his own defense.

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Under New Influence