Saturday, December 13, 2008

To Check Out : Howe and Strauss Millennial Generation Phenomenum: Herds of the Fathers

Herds of the Fathers: "We are here to stay" : spoken like Millennials Rising
With a brand name which sounds like a title chapter of one of Howe and Strauss' texts, "Herds of the Fathers" is an up and coming men's fashion line to be watched closely , if intuition is to be trusted. Something tells me that these college boys ( as I cannot see their profile on blog, I will assume they are males) are on to something significant. Howe and Strauss, those venerable American historians and futurists ( authors of the '90s epic books, "Generations", "Millennials Rising", and "The Fourth Turning") predicted the return to a male culture, a sort of prodigal machismo moment for America, in the early decades of the 21st Century. Perhaps Herds of the Fathers is a signpost of this prediction.

Thus far, their postings sound edgey, intelligent, and fresh. And above all, geared toward males, and bearing a name which has incredibly significant socio-psychological implications for their generation. I am wishing them the best of luck, and will continue to watch them as they grow and evolve in the era of Barack Obama.


Herds of the Fathers said...

WOW,Thanks a lot for your support, it is sincerly and greatly appreciated, the fact that you went out of your way to write a blog about us is something truley special and again appreciated.I will continue to keep you posted. And thanks for the reference to Howe and Strauss. I will surley read up on them.

Thanks Again.
Herds Of the Fathers
Tobi "polo" Babajide

SM Kovalinsky said...

Very glad to do it: I have been researching and writing on cultural trends in America for many years now, and I "smell a hit" in Herds of the Fathers. Very Best Regards; SMK

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