Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Federal agents wiretapped conversations conducted by Democratic Governor Blagojevich and have indicted him on corruption charges and allegations that he used the appointment of Obama's empty Senate seat as a venue to gain advantages for himself and his wife. A 75 page affadavit from the FBI would apppear to confim that Blagojevich was indeed attempting to sell President-Elect Obama's Senate seat "to the highest bidder, with plenty of perks for himself". Corruption in Illinois politics:  Business as usual.  Dating to the 19th century,  when politicians could pit poor ethnic groups,  one against the other,  Chicago is the incarnation of the corrupt political power machine.    And a sign that Change must be upon us, as we have the most incorruptible man at the helm soon, despite all past vicious rumors to the contrary. . . Obama is Machivellian to a degree, but he has integrity and self-searching honesty.  It may be precisely because he arose from within the corridors of the corruption beast that he is so inclined to cleanse himself of its tactics. As Huffington Post tells it,  Blagojevich called Obama a "motherfuc*er",  in particular, for being so in earnest concerning his replacement.  (Notwithstanding,  an argument might be made that Blagojevich is the sole decision maker in the replacement of Barack Obama's senate seat,  and was only exersizing his soverignty.  Are these trumped up charges?)

  As Orwell said,  "To see the truth that is in front of our noses requires a constant struggle."  And how many predicitons,  political and cultural, do seem to be confirmed and made real, and were seen because of this struggle.  I would place Barack Obama in the camp of the constant strugglers,  and thus,  less likely to be self-deceiving.  As Nietzsche knew well,  to lie to oneself is the beginning of all corruption. 


ra from ca said...

I am hoping that no connection exists between your beloved Obama and the arrested Illinois governor. It is a sad comment on a very sad USA that this has happened. I am suspicious of what has gone on here as I suspect knives are going to come out against the Democrats and Obama. Here in Canada it is a sad day for the Liberal party is going with a leader that would have us embroiled in the Iraq war in preference for one who would have united the left and given us a better alternative to the corporate mouthpiece known as the Conservative party. Sigh. My fingers are crossed for all Americans, north or south of the 49th parallel.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Ruth: Thank you for your profound observations; it is reflecting badly on Obama, and it should not. But Chicago is his political home, and he arises from its corruption. Arrgh, just what we all needed! Your remarks are beautifully sensitive.

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