Monday, December 15, 2008


Douglass Rushkoff , on participatory Deomcracy, and the Next American Renaissance

In his keynote address, pre-election day, to his Personal Democracy Forum (renamed the Participatory Democracy Forums) author Douglass Rushkoff speculated on the nature of the next (potential ) Renaissance.

Citing the first renaissance in Europe, he points out how large a role the printing press played in the reorganization of culture, and in what manner the Internet and blogging now plays the same role.

Indeed, it often seems, in the American blogosphere, as though a monastic community has formed within the recesses of a fading culture, there to blog in obscurity, but poised for a return.

Rushkoff also points out in what manner Barack Obama never promised to be the sole agent of change, but rather the advocate of groups of persons who will work to effect change. "This is our moment. . . We are the ones we've been waiting for . . . Yes, we can. . . " . For Rushkoff, democracy is not personal, but transcendent and collective. He is correct. His forums bear watching, and his idea of the internet as the shaper of a possible American renaissance is hope promoting.
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