Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Angers Gay Activists with Rick Warren Invitation: Third Turning Collision with The Fourth Turning

They are angry at Obama. Again. This time, it is the fact that the Reverend Rick Warren has been invited to give the Inauguration invocation. Warren has the Gay, Lesbian, Bi/Transexual community in an uproar, because he supported Proposition 8.

During election season, they were in an uproar because the singer at Obama's Carolina rallies was someone from the "ex-gay" (rehabilitated to heterosexuality) community.

None of this comes as a shock to me; indeed, on my other blog, "Musings on American Philosophy, Culture, Politics", as early as last spring I had said that Obama would be conservative - in a veiled way, but even so - on gay issues. It fits in perfectly with his being the Fourth Turning leader, whose coming in 2008 was predicted by historians and authors, Howe and Strauss. (See this blog archives, "Our Fourth Turning President".) According to the saeculum theory of history, gay rights is an issue which reaches it apex in the Unravelling (third turning), and undergoes a reversal in the Crisis (Fourth Turning). NARTH (North American Research Therapy for Homoxexuality) Association meetings began to gather storm and speed, albeit quietly, in the late '90s, and this was a sign post to the fourth turning. Of course, those with political agendas never seem attuned to ebb and flux, and reading the signs of the times.

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