Thursday, December 25, 2008

Youth 4 Obama: Nothing to Fear but fear itself

OBAMA WILL HARNESS YOUTH  :    Does this have to be a cause for paranoia?

  Sean Hannity and others on the right have expressed concern regarding the Obama-mania which the surging Youth Voters displayed,  and which served as the propelling force  that may have  won Barack the Presidency.  Most alarming to these pundits on the right is the idea that Obama will have "Youth Camps"  which to them are reminicent of those of Hitler, in which propagandizing,  re-education and forced labor rule the day. This should be of no concern,  however,  to those who are not given to paranoia.  If anything,  this program will be similar to the civilian corps of the FDR era,  and may be the thing which our inner cities need,  at least in this particular moment of economic and social crisis.  Service to community is a virtue,  and does not preclude individuality in the most important senses of the word.  In any case the domains of hip hop,  drugs and promiscuity could use a bit of competition.  In most schools a sense of service has been posed as an ideal,  at leat to be paid lip service.  I think that some on the right actually harbor the secret wish that Obama turn out to be a disaster on the grand scale of Hitler,  so the taint on the Democrats would never vanish.  Youth for Obama already has a website and a special store under construction,  and I welcome all signs that a unity which is productive of virtue and service may take root under the Obama Administration in its early stages.  

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