Friday, December 12, 2008


Anthony Peake has followed up his excellent text,  "Is There Life After Death?:  The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die" (2006,  Chartwell Books,  Inc.) ,  with a second book,  "The Daemon".  Expanding on his binary mind theory,  and with the use of quantum science and neuro pscyhology,  Peake's well researched and deeply compelling work allows us to grasp the secret of our dual brain and mind.  

His dyad consists of an eidolon-self (our daily and conscious self)  and a daemon-self,  which is supra-conscious and transendent,  and remembers our returns to this life in the eternal recurrence schema which was made famous by Nietzsche.  Supported by antiquity and classical philosophy,  and bolstered further by quantum science and cognitive studies,  Peake's theory is sophisticated and timely.  

In Chapter 3,  "The Voices",  Peake makes the case for the Socratic daemon and its intervention in the trial of Socrates.  This is a profoundly compelling and cheering passage for philosophers,  and in his eclecticism,  Peake is unsurpassed.   I have recommended this text to an important New York philosopher,  Lou Marinoff,  head of the Philosophical Practicioners movement in the United States,  and will deliver to him his own personal copy when time and health permit .  This naming of the entity which is both part of our unconsious and yet closely tied with our daily thinking and actions is essential to both applied philosophy and psychology;  clinicians everywhere ought to be informed of Peake's theory,  as a tool for linking philosophy and the field of mental healthcare.  

The area of Neuro Linguistic Programming and therapy has an apt field for application in Peake's unique dyad theory of binary mind,  and plans are underway in Great Britain for just such an application,  conducted by his colleague,  Karl L Le Marcs.  The Americans allied with Philosophical Practice,  especially as it pertains to clinical practice in psychology,  should be aware of this important development. 

Chapter 10 is a marvelous analysis of Philip K Dick,  the high-brow futuristic writer and Gnostic thinker.  Identified with him,  and bearing the name of one of his bearers of a new afterlife theory,  "Anarch Peak",  Anthony Peake is qualified to write on PKD not only as a meticulous scholar and talented literary man,  but as a brother and co-founder of an important postmodern development in Gnostic thinking. 

For those who have been wowed by Peter Novak's binary mind books   -    and his Lost Secret of Death and Division of Consciousness have enthralled millions   -  I recommend Anthony Peake as a harbringer of a theory which augments Novak's,  and whose conclusions surpass his with grace,  gentleness ,  and an offer of personal hope.


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