Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marx and the Metaphyscis of Political Economy : The Poverty of Philosophy

Anyone wanting to take the long view of our present economic situation,  and the meaning of Obama's place within our social history   -  and his ascent in this historical moment -   ought to make himself acquainted with Karl Marx'  "The Poverty of Philosophy".

Of course all accusations that Obama is slouching toward Marxism are patently false,  and he is no Marxist;  but the fact that he was so interested in the ideologies of socialist democracy as a student,  and steeped himself in the writings of Rheinhold Niebuhr,  makes me see him as a complex fourth turning phenomenum;  more an historical hero of the Hegelian stamp,  than a mere politician.

So much to contemplate and write on;  so little time in which to do so.

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