Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's Got Class; and it has Meaning, according to Nietzsche

From a purely aesthetic point of view, Obama is Change we can believe in.

Could not help but notice that the adolescent preening and posturing is still present in the mature man. That is a mark of a certain vitality, which, as Nietzsche knew well, reaches to the very pinnacle of a man's spirit. Ecce homo. 

The President -Elect has been so good looking and charismatic throughout his childhood,  youth , and adulthood,  the camera cannot seem to catch him at a bad angle;  it is impossible to take a bad picture of him. 

Obviously aware  of his own  brand of male beauty,  he is none the less  nicely understated.  He has a child-like arrogance,  and there is a soft elegance and almost waifish delicacy about him.

Of course I have a bias toward beauty,  particularly the male brand:  One of my favorite aphorisms of Nietzsche in my youth was his,  Beauty No Accident,  from  Twilight of the Idols,  about the meaning of the beauty of  the young Athenian males of antiquity.  Intellect is not enough,  according to Nietzsche,  "one must first pursuade the body";  thus it was that the males of antiquity had a sensual aesthetic grace far surpassing that of women.  On the maternal side,  Obama descends from Irish delicacy which is so apparent in pictures of his mother.  The African features and darkness inherited from his father cast an interesting shadow on that Irish mold and deepen its contours.  It is a beautiful mix.

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