Sunday, February 8, 2009

Say it Ain't So or that it Won't Remain So!: Curb feminists!: Obama the first "feminist" President

 Sometimes a state of affairs arises,  looking as though it will be a formidable and lasting challenge,  or an unmitigated disaster,  will gather speed and force,    only to peter out.  So I pray it will be with this current crisis.    See earlier post below;  this is a continuation of my own state of feeling increasingly perplexed and bewildered. Obama cannot fuel gender feminism and its myriad of disastrous illusory fixes;  no,  not after all we have been through in the '90s;  and not if he is to fulfill his role of fourth turning president,  and keep his appointment with history..........

Curb feminists!: Obama the first "feminist" President

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