Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octoplet Births a Sign of the Times: They Think to Change Times and Laws

With all the talk about the single mother who gave birth to octoplets,  after in vitro fertilization and six other children conceived likewise,  I wonder why not many have framed this discussion within the larger issue it reveals.  For decades,  and with increasing force,  the separation of marriage form procreation and childrearing has enfused our culture with a strange aura.  Gender feminism,  fertility technology and surrogate motherhood, irresponsible divorce,  single parent households,  babies after 40,  sperm donors for single women,    the gay marriage debate ,  patriarchy-bashing,  day care :  All  have brought us to this juncture.  That this young woman would dream of a large family but hold the belief that marriage and sex need not enter into the equation,  and that no father need be present in the arrangement,    would appear to be the last consequence of theoretical mania run wild.  No such thought could have entered her mind in a prior age.  This disconnect from natural order and reality is truly a blight of our postmodern academics, and what they have imposed on us in the name of "liberty";  a liberty which our forefathers knew not.  "And he will think to change times,  and laws"  runs the prophesy of Daniel,  foretelling destruction and evil. . .

Laws should be passed,  and feritility treatmenst prescribed for married couples unable to conceive a child.  Not for single women,  gay couples,  middle aged people who waited too long,   and the like.  This is the height of irresponsibility,  and this young woman's story is just a macrocosm of millions of others,  untold.

When my husband and I  -  a young married couple in the '80s,  who conceived a child in the state of wedlock,  and through married love,  producing a son who was the natural offspring of our lawful and natural union  -  were having problems with housing and healthcare,  family members,  steeped in this pernicious new ideology dating from the 1970s,  had no sympathy for us.  That I would want to stay home to care for an infant, and not place him in daycare,  produced a yawn from them.   My marriage was treated as something I had chosen,  like going to clown school:  Not as a duty and right of nature.  "Get a divorce"  was what I heard when I confided of my troubles.  "So slap the kid in daycare."  My senior in-laws were living in a sprawling lakefront luxury home,  and owned a condo in an affluent Manhattan annex.  They came into a windfall of money,  and threw some scraps at us,  but buy us a home?  (In those days, in Pittsburgh,  you could get one for about 60K)  Not a chance.  Their Senior Glory took precedence over youth and the natural chronology of the generations.  So:  How is all of this related to the woman who recently gave birth to octoplets?  The devil is in the details:  In this case,  Ideology. 

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