Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama and Lincoln and Howe and Strauss

Abraham Lincoln,  16 th U.S.  President,  and Barack Obama,  44th.  Two tall and lanky men from humble Illinois backgrounds;  both studied law, and became great orators,  relying on classical Republic ideals to surge in their poetic speech.

From the historical saeculum theory of authors Neil Howe and William Strauss,  both men came to power during a catalystic period of stress and transition,  leading from an UnRavelling period into the Fourth Turning.  ( The last Fourth Turning was under FDR;  these occur approximately each 8 decades. )  The generational constellations of each period were the same,  shifting in the same order. 

All of the signs of this period of crisis  -   economic,  political,  cultural,  generational  -  appear to be there.  What is unclear is the direction and shape of things to come,  in their living, concrete details.   It is odd that John Kerry also was Lincolnesque,  and appeared almost to foreshadow Obama.    These are strange times we live in.   Interesting times:  Isn't that what the curse says,  "May you live in interesting times"? 

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