Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jindal Blew Obama Away with Resounding Response, Delusional GOP Claims

The GOP has sunk to a new low,  now clearly  delusional as they declare a victory for Jindal,  whose speech fell flat after Obama's  inspiring and brilliant address to the nation the other evening.    The Buckeye State Blog : Pampleteers of the Revolution  has correctly and shrewdly ascertained that the Republican Governors Association is making itself seem ridiculous and "out of touch with the American electorate"  in its insistence that Jindal scored a GOP victory, and signifies a comeback for their party.  It seems the GOP is in fact going the way of the satirical skit depicting its senility on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ,  just after the election victory of Obama.  In the skit,  Samatha B was saying that she was sure that the GOP could yet make a comeback,  if only it would be more edgy and innovative.  The response was an elderly and senile Republican rapper,    who had a huge Abraham Lincoln hat on,  and Civil War "bling"  around his neck,  rapping out:  Aint no party like the grand old party/Let's pop a cap in the death tax. . . before finally keeling over in full cardiac arrest.  It appears to be coming true. 

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