Saturday, February 28, 2009

From the Anthony Peake Forum: The Theory of CtCW and its Effects Upon Identity

Great Britain's Martin Huxter blogs from his parallel world in London: On Identity and Contradiction ,  Internet Porn ,  and Collapsing the Consciousness Wave. . .  The example of a cat in a box is always a playful one, however when pondering over parts of this theory I can't help but think of a baby being born, but never having any eyes gaze upon it at all, receiving no physical contact and then being left to somehow fend for itself, which, miraculously it finds a way to do. Obviously, usually upon it's birth a baby is observed and this stamp of observation seals it's viewed physical make-up in the world.

Social constructs such as Identity are always thought of to be exactly that, social creations formed through interactions with other observers of reality. But with regards  to, say famous people - celebrities - Is it possible that the more something is observed (collapsed) the more concrete it's identity becomes in existence? In a physical sense as well. Is the way people age, for example, a genetic thing, or is there any room for slight mutation based on the scale of observation they are exposed to?

I recall a conversation with Jake about internet porn. (excuse me for lowering the tone!) But he was making a great argument about how this particular act of ritualised observation is sending power to these particular images and clips making them more and more powerful as an influence. Hence the act of collective observation (obviously shared in separate homes - I hope!) actually gives them a stronger hold in reality.

Make any sense? Probably not. Forgive me, I tried.

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