Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Issues Stern Warning to Nation's Mayors: "The American People Are Watching."

" I will call you out."  Saying that he will tolerate no waste and no inefficiency,  and invoking his presidential powers as an impetus to change,  President Obama has issued a stern warning to the mayors of America:  They  are  not to squander or take lightly  this badly needed stimulus money.   And he intends to watch them closely. 

With his ideology of "transparency",   Obama has pledged to keep a keen eye on just  how government funds are utilized.  Reports are said to be viewable in the near future on  Miami Mayor and head of the national conference of Mayors,  Manny Diaz has said that mayors are used to getting "called out daily at the local level"  and said he "absolutely"  welcomes this challenge from the president.

To anyone who might say that Obama's tone hearkens back to FDR's,  I would say you may be correct.  There is a time and a season to everything under heaven,  including a big government recovery program.  What would be intolorable in times of prosperity ought to be viewed liberally during a catostrophic crisis.    Howe and Strauss in their epic,  The Fourth Turning:  An American Prophesy ,  expounded upon this concept,  which they called the historical saeculum.    Comparing the cycles of history to the four seasons,  the two authors foretold of a crisis which would come in the first decade of the 21st century, and call for unity and sacrifice on a level unimaginable in the 1970s-90s. 

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