Friday, February 13, 2009

An Interesting Juncture for Left, Right, and Center to Ponder. . .

 I felt I had to post this,  as it goes to the heart of so many of my own concerns.  I am interested both in short term political pragmatism,  and in the long term project of creating an America in which personal liberty and civic spirit could be joined in a coherent and fruitful union.  For some time I have found that the right and left,  the centrists and Libertarians,  are somehow skimming over some central idea.  Much is spoken regarding liberty,  small government,  even as an appalling statism advances,  and most of it during the '80s and '90s.  It is as though what I see as infringements on basic privacy and freedom  -  the frightening expansion of meddlesome social work,  zoning laws and thousands of new terms of violations,  rehabilitation programs,  family courts, bizarre new expansions to definitions of "sexual" and other crimes,   which have forayed  into the middle and upper middle classes,  where they never meddled before,  to my knowledge  -  goes unnoticed by so many.  Perhaps what is being discussed in the following post may be some beam of  directing light in the storm?  : 

The Future of Liberaltarianism - Ross Douthat

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