Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama is Consequence, Not Cause of Capitalism's Dire Crisis and Decline

Although the Nevada Policy Research Institute says that progressives have dabbed perfume on the stinking corpse of socialism,  in fact capitalism in global decline has been an urgent cry among many scholars,  increasingly since 2002.  Obama is symptom,  consequence and incident of this decline, and not its cause.  

That he has made his appearance now,  at this historical moment,  comes as no surprise to those who were heeding the signs of the times.   The World Socialist Web Site has a chilling analysis of how America's internal decay has suddenly,  in the housing  market and banks failure  and in the bursting of the credit bubble,  been seen across the globe,  without any concealment of the horror of its features.  

Why speak now of "Barry the Marxist agitator"  or of the stealth agenda of liberal socialists when the preconditions of all this were allowed to progress unchecked and unhindered for the past decade?

Robert Scheer in his opinion column at the Creators Syndicate,  entitled  "Republicans Brought Socialism to America"  is right on the money:

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