Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Winds of Change are Blowing

The winds of Change are blowing through America; Obama is aiming his mortgage relief at the most afflicted homeowners: those least able to pay. This is ideology finding the historical moment, and considering our antecedents, who can take issue with it? It is not a question of socialism or capitalism or liberal versus conservative or libertarian perspective:  It is seasonal,  and "things are in the saddle,  and ride our nation.". In the American blogosphere,  there has been much protest;  much howling about a socialist takeover. ran an essay,  and among the remarks from bloggers:  ". . . The greedy take the needy for a ride;  the needy are not too bright. . . "

On the contrary,  many of the needy are very bright.  Perhaps they were desperate?  Perhaps a nation in which the greedy take the needy for a ride needs some rebuke,  some punishment?  Is this not what Jesus of Nazareth was berated for?  Obama is too hard,  not too soft,  for many who want a world in which the rebuke never comes.  Obama is feared, and rightly so.  Yes,  fear Obama.  It would be foolish to do otherwise.  He has ideology behind him;  he has the power of the presidency;  he has a global economic crisis,  he has the winds of change at his back.  Man of the people,  he rides in on the winds of change.  

"But I played by the rules,  and this does nothing for me!"  comes the howl of protest.    Why is is that to see others getting help arouses the sibling rivalry  in all of us?   No fair!  He gets help when I do not need it,  as I was smarter/better situated/etc.   I gave up my Starbucks,  I did not get that new laptop,  I forestalled my vacation:  And they get help!   Robert Bly has called us a sibling society,  and he was correct.  Blame the greedy.  Blame them for your current resentment ,  when big Daddy has to come in and whip things into shape.  Did not Jesus of Nazareth say that "many of the first will be last,  and the last will be first."?  "As in the days of Noah,  they drank and ate and married,  until the floods overtook them."  Well,  we saw the flood waters of nihilism rising,  didn't we?  If Obama were in fact the "stealth socialist" which those on the right have called him,  wouldn't the natural question be,  "Then who opened the door for him?  Who created the pre-conditions for his coming?".

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