Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Postmodernism and Escapism.... Forthcoming Excerpts from London

"Baudrillard reinforces my argument that most of society's agents. . . are caught in ignorant escapism. . . "Martin Huxter,  on Secularization and PostModernism 

Anyone who takes an interest in fine analysis of postmodernism and its various ills will enjoy reading Londoner Martin Huxter.  I plan to ask him to compile some of his various research papers and cinematic critiques into excerpts to be posted on this blog space,  in coming days. addendum: Here is a gem from the baby-faced British bombshell,  written at the tender age of 21 (yikes):  Is postmodern analysis [intending] to shock?  . . . Or is analysis of the modern world ,  as it is, in the present moment, enough to shock,  without this emphasis from these theorists."  Would that he had been present at some of our postmodern philosophical debates!

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