Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama May Take Us Beyond Auto-Centered Society: In Bill, 8 Billion for High Speed Rail

"These are the trains we have been waiting for."  8 billion dollars for "unspecified intercity high speed rail transit"  is earmarked in the stimulus bill.  This is interesting,  as the idea of public transportation becomes more and more necessary.  The end of the oil era may well spell the end of auto dependent suburbia.  The new heartland may be upon us.  I have been thinking in these terms for over 15 years now.  Crisis indeed can become an opportunity.  The GOP wants to go back to the Reagen era,  which was illusory in the first place. They had their chance.  Let us get down to business with the one who has been annointed by the historical moment.  That would be our President.

It has long been lamented that the individually owned auto has been a polluting and culturally destructive force.  Add to that soaring auto insurance rates,  accidents,  and drunk driving crackdown laws which make autos police-bait.  The era of suburbia is over.  Rather than an auto industry bailout,  high speed rail tranist,  intercity and intercommunity,  would be a welcome relief, and a boon to society.  Here is a link to an excellent piece for the Irregular Times,  "Replace Car Jobs with Rail Jobs":

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