Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eric Holder's Speech on Race Missed the Mark

Instead of praising the wonderful strength,  resilience, and rich variety of African Americans,  Eric Holder,  the first black US Attorney General,  called America "a nation of cowards"  when it comes to our discourse on race.  But this arrow fell to the ground as soon as it was shot:  It is divisive,  confrontational,  and speaks from another era.  At least Obama is very good at hitting the mark,  elegantly,  again and again. 

It is odd,  too,  that Holder looks a lot like my father,  who was Italian.  His skin is no darker,  his eyes, hair,  features are very similar.  I would assume he was Mediterranean if I were meeting him. 

Many in the blogospheric community are offended,  as a.  There in fact has been an increase in dialog about race within academia for years  b.  Obama was elected by a predominantly white nation of voters.

Addendum:  It just hit me:  Perhaps Holder was referring to the disgraceful New York Post political cartoon depicting Obama as a bullet-riddled ape.  It this is in fact the case,  then it all begins to make sense.  SMK 

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