Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sign of the Times: Yep, Fourth Turning is Upon Us

 Although gay activist across the nation may feel they are fighting the good fight,  it is more likely that they are illustrating that we are in the Fourth Turning phase of the saeculum of the historical narrative.  Authors Howe and Strauss 12 years ago had predicted losses for the gay movement as part of a return to the consensus.    They also asserted that the next president of the United States,  then looking ahead over a decade to 2004-08,  would break with much of the agenda set by the political correctness police.  Through their lens,  today's headlines read very clearly,  and it is NOT homophobic to support gay unions,  but to balk at gay marriage,  taking a secular and rational stance against it,  as it would indeed exasberate many of the problems with marriage already .  Go to link: 

NYC marriage bureau rebuffs same-sex couples

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