Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama is Experimenting

In Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish today there is commentary by Kleiman,    who points out that Obama is adhering to the FDR style of experimentation:  Try it,  see if it works,  if not, scrap it and move on.  This is part and parcel of Obama's progressive pragmatism.  Pragmatism is the way of America:  William James had declared us a nation of pragmatists in the early 20th century. 

Howe and Strauss,  authors of The Fourth Turning :  An American Prophesy (Broadway Books,  1997)  had predicted that in the election of 2004 or 2008,  a Generation Xer (Obama is between Boomer and X,  a Jones,  actually,  but close enough)  would take the helm with a Nike slogan attitude ("Just Do It").  Obama is fulfilling exactly that which he ought to be.  He is right on time. 

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