Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

Our British Film Critic Hurlyburly (aka the Illustrious Martin Huxter )  blogs from his parallel world in London:  Couldn't have been more deserved. The man is one of, if not the greatest, actor of our generation. I feel for Rourke, but it's hardly a complete snub in light of the tremendous performance by Sean Penn in Milk.  This film is so timely as regards California's Proposition 8.  SMK

So incredibley deserved

So great to see the beautiful Robin Wright Penn crying in the background.

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SM Kovalinsky said...

Wow; did not get to see it, but am very glad. Rourke deserved it in his own way for his own venue; but not so much as Penn for Milk, and it is very timely as well regarding gay issues and prop 8. The best man has won, so all is well. Thanks, HB!

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