Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I was very impressed with this film, as many have been recently, the film has won many awards and It couldn't be more justified. At times the poverty-fuelled adventure of the characters resembles certain moments from "City of God" Few children slip through the cracks of the dangers they encounter, at times, it's almost a roll of the dice who makes it to adulthood and who doesn't. The film is essentially an underdog story but told in a way that manages to find hope through a world of suffering. The victory of the main character comes only at the expense of the misery of many others who aren't as fortunate as him; he is the inevitable outcome of the poverty pyramid. The soundtrack is equally impressive, the moods of the film are echoed through the many wonderful songs used to compliment it. A great underdog story, the "Rocky" of it's Genre indeed.

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