Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama says He Knows Special Interest Groups Spoiling for a Fight

President Barack Obama has said that he is aware that lobbyists and special interest groups are not taking kindly to his platform of change in Washington,  and that he is well aware that they are preparing to fight.  His response to them:  "So am I."

Asserting that he works only "for the American people"  Obama has no illusions about those who are used to "holding sway in Washington"  and their vested powerful interests: they will not want change.  But to analysts who consider  the President's plans radical or extreme,  Obama insists that the American people voted for all of these ideas,  spoken plainly of within his campaign format,  and elected him in November for just these extreme shifts in policy.    Acknowledging that he is indeed upsetting the "status quo"  with his "dramatic"  venue of change,  Obama is taking an authoritative and confident stance.  How could we expect less from this fourth turning seeming antagonist whose destiny is to return a unified consensus to the Democratic party and to put a strangle hold on those forces who rode the nation the past decades. 

Certain right wing blogs are charging Obama with imposing his own quasi-Marxist vision on the American people,  but this accusation does not hold water.  The season for change is upon us;  it came naturally as a consequence of prior actions and inactions of a former party.  Obama is not cause of the shift;   he is an effect and rides in on it.   The real causes have subterreanean roots and have been incuabating throughout the 90s.  "When something reaches its height,  know that it is about to reverse"  says the ancient scholar,  and why would the GOP and the powerful wealthy escape this dicate?

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