Friday, February 13, 2009

On Liberalism, Theocrats, and the Politics of Fornication : Damon Linker

 Damon Linker speaks on freedom and obedience in the New Republic,  and despite what his critics have said,  makes some elegant arguments for civil liberties.  Judging from some of the posted comments,  I think his critics make a logical error.  They are assuming that those who would choose fornication over self-restraint do so from mere desire for  "pleasure".  This certainly does not have to be the case.  One can be self-respecting and fastidious,  and still "fornicate" ,  for quite sublime and noble reasons,  even transcendent ones. One can remain discerning and selective,  and only engage in these acts with people whom with  such relating is fitting and proper.   It is not the same,  as one blogospheric commenter asserted,  as "stuffing one's face with doughnuts".   Fornication and adultery may be acts of civil disobedience.   The link to the  New Republic Linker piece: 

Freedom and Obedience - Damon Linker

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