Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Shock and Smut": New York Post Political Cartoon Deeply Disturbing

Op-Ed news online rightly cries, "shock and smut".  A political cartoon appearing in a recent edition of the New York Post has created outrage,  and rightly so.  The cartoon,  depicting Obama as the chimpanzee who recently went psychotic in Conneticut and had to be shot by local police,  taps into racism,  hysterical fears of a socialist uprising,  and conveys that assassination may be the true answer.  Those who defend it as "clever"  and say that it "foreshadows that which is coming"  -  as a recent press release by BB's Conservative Wisdom,  (which proports to continue the Reagen revolution  - a revolution  now thouroughly dead in the historical moment within the  inevitable saeculum seasonal shift)    -  has done ;  ought to see that it is less the chimpanzee aspect,  and more the suggestion of violent assassination,  which is highly suspect and deeply disturbing. It is pernicious and irresponsible in the extreme.    I am among the signers of the protest petition being circulated by the color of change. org.    Below are some pro-Obama political cartoons which were my favorites:  

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