Saturday, February 14, 2009

Huckabee: Obama Stimulus is "Anti-Religious"

A voice from the religious right.
Former U.S. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has scorned the Obama stimulus bill,  calling it "anti-religious"  because it prohibits the federal funding of religious school building.  Very silly,  very unseemly,  and seems coming from that old world of the Bush years,  when the culture wars had not yet been won by the bi-partisan philospher warrior.

It would appear that Huckabees seemingly modest Christian demeanor which had its own charm during the early primary season has given way to sour grapes and complaining and petty resentment.  If he were the man he pretended to be last spring,  he would be happy that a populist and minority and Christian thinker were in office.   Bill Maher was just saying on Larry King Live that a church in one of the Carolina's had a sign which read,  "Obama.  Osama.  Are they brothers?"   Tres silly.  And  Citibank lost 10 billion dollars,  Maher said,  under the Republican watch:  That is fiscal conservatism?  The Iraqui was and another trillion?  A fantasy,  says Maher.    And yet Obama is now the dark and dangerous one.      Meh,  as the British say.  Fed up with all the whining.  But it is interesting:  A year ago,  The Observer had a book review, and it was entitled, Requiem for the Religious Right.  The journalist declared "the era of the religious right is over"  and asserted that the relationship between religion and politics was dissolving.  The above is  the picture they posted of Huckabee:  He looks every inch the old stoic preacher of the Pioneer days of the west.  I felt sorry for him.  But the whining and dragging out of what must be allowed to die,  is grating,  to say the least.  

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