Friday, February 20, 2009

Sour Grapes Keep Fueling Alan Keyes

Former Presidential candidate for the conservative independent liberty party  Alan Keyes,  apparently  bitter that he lost  to Obama,  is at it again. 

  In 2004 Keyes lost the Illinois Senate race  to Obama,  who won by the biggest landslide in Illinois history,  getting 70% of the vote.  This was the point where he became Keyes' nemesis.  

  In October Keyes  filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court over Obama's citizenship.   Now that Obama is our 44th president,  Keyes can barely contain his rancor. 

  Today, on MSNBC news,  he is calling Obama a "radical communist"  who will "destroy America"  and  insisting that if not stopped,  Obama will cause our nation to no longer exist.    Nothing like envy and resentment to fuel hatred and turn a person into a certifiable lunatic.  It was not in vain that Nietzsche called envy and resentment among the most pernicious driving forces within the human psyche. Addendum,  Feb 21, 2009 11:03 PM:  I was just trawling the 'net,  and came upon "Open Left"  blog's piece on Keyes ("Return to Ridiculousville")  and was struck by a blogger's comment: "This would be funny, except [in stating that Obama,  if not stopped,  will destroy America]  for the fact that it is A CALL TO ASSASSINATION."  YES!  This was in the back of my mind,  like an alarm going off in the basement of the brain,  yet I dared not let myself think it.  He is pernicious and dangerous,  Keyes,  to speak as he is. 

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