Sunday, February 8, 2009

No, Let This Vanish: Pajamas Media » How Obama Stimulates Feminists

 I dislike gender feminists intensely.  I am against their agenda,  and their whole barrage of lies and manipulative tactics.  I am PRO-equity feminism,  stemming from Enlightenment principles of liberty and equality.  I have watched Barack Obama's ascent to power through the lens of historical saeculum readings ( Howe and Strauss)  and have hailed him,  his faults notwithstanding,  as our Fourth Turning President.  But this goes against the grain,  and bodes poorly: 

Pajamas Media » How Obama Stimulates Feminists

All I can hope,  is that there is some reversal of this trend:  That Obama is temporarily "caught",  as is were,  and biding his time.   Otherwise,  an unmitigated disaster is in the offing,  and Obama will be sorely out of synch with the historical moment,  of which he is servant and master.........

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