Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Burger King Needs its Crown Knocked Off

Just got notice from Robert Greenwald et al that Burger King, after receiving its bailout, chose to give huge bonuses to its financial executives, while leaving its daily workers with nothing: They had enough to give them all a bonus of $18,000.00. It is indeed time for this top-heavy econmy to be broadly based at the bottom. Giving generously to the people is the mark of a refined civilization. This is vulgarity and really calls for Obama-ethics. The GOP and Libertarians cannot have their illusory glory days of Reagen back. Not for several decades now. Good riddance.

There is a natural chronology to history. Ortega y Gasset, surely the most superb historian of all time, was correct in this, which he asserted boldly in his Revolt of the Masses (1933). If things get too bloated and glitzy at the top, rebellion will come, as the bottom grows ever restless, agitated, and resentful. Whispered to all Republican Reagenites: Submit to the law which you yourselves proposed; deal with the effects which you yourselves are the cause of.

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