Sunday, February 1, 2009

Obama is a Reliable Epistemic Agent

"Obama is a Reliable Epistemic Agent";  from Analytic ("Meta-Politics-Philosophical Analysis-Analytic Rigor")  and the link to the post:

This is a superbly crafted essay,  and an analysis which reveals Barack Obama to be vigorous and profoundly solid as a poltical agent.  Bravo to its author!

Some quotes from the essay:
 "Obama is a Reliable Epistemic Agent"  ( Some reasons:)

~"[He] demonstrated prescience . . . with respect to the initiation of the war in Iraq. . . "

~[Promotes] a more diversified and nucanced approach to. . . foreign affairs."

~"deploys shrewd judgement and deft distinctions between sound policy and gimmicky politics"

~"[his] intellctual efforts consistently yield true results." 

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