Monday, February 9, 2009

What Dreams May Come...................

I recall some years back reading a book on dreams,  Anthony Shafton's Dream Reader (SUNY Press;  1995).   In the text,  there was a section on Charlotte Beradt's "Dreams of the Third Reich",   a compilation of hundreds of dreams of people living in Germany just prior to, and at the initial innocuous seeming start of,  Hitler's ascent to power.  What was interesting is that in looking bakc on these dreams in 1966,  when she decided to organize them into a book for publishing,  it was clear that many people were having precognitive dreams about what was to take place in Nazi Germany.  Even at the start,  when all seemed well,  dreamers were seeing scenarios of doucuments being destroyed,  laws being suspended,  invasions occuring.

With this in mind,  I began to trawl the internet,  looking for people's dreams about Barack Obama.  Since so many have been suspicious regarding his rule,  I thought I might find dreams similar to what Beradt found.  Alas.  All I came upon were silly dreams,  or obviously right wing wish fulfillment dreams as Freud set them forth:  A dream indicates a wish when it is too "perfect" ( people dreaming of Obama's assassination,  police takeover,  ugh!  Not subtle enough to be prophetic.  So much for that..........)  I did find that people seem to dream intesely about Obama,  whether negatively or positively.  But this may simply be a continuation of the press coverage and the general interest in him.   I think dreams which are prophetic would be numinous,  and not often shared.  So many dreamed of his being assassinated during the Inaugural ceremonies,  and that was obviously  either fear or wich fulfillment.  I did have a distrubing dream,  a very short one,  before Nov.  4.    I saw him lying down,  fully dressed,  as if asleep,  with a bullet mark above his left eyebrow.  But this again was most likely anxiety being expressed.   I consulted the I Ching as to what his fate would be as President,  in terms of the almost unspeakable and unthinkable tragedy of assassination.  I received hexagram 38,  lines 1,2,  and 4.  This hexagram is called "Opposition".  The lines refer to a horse running away,  meeting one's Lord in a narrow lane,  and a perilous but lucky meeting of a friend with the runaway horse.  NOT clarifying:  could mean so many things.  Horses are a life-force symbol.  And a narrow lane may signify a passage of sorts.  Jung believed the I Ching speaks as dream language does,  and obviously as difficult to decipher!

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