Sunday, February 1, 2009

Slamming the Wall Street Fat Cats

The other day,  President Obama told some members of the press about his views on the billion dollar bonuses of Wall Street "fat cats"  who were the very ones who got us into the current economic mess.

  In a tone of voice which was measured  and  strong,  almost paternal in its authoritative sterness,   Obama said,  "That is the height of irresponsibility.  It is shameful."  He spoke with force and authority.  He spoke like a fourth turning President.

  Even if his ideology is flawed  -  it must be in some measure,  as all human ideology is  -  it is timely.  It is needed.  It charts a new course.  That is what I find exciting about him:  His is the fourth turning tone which Howe and Strauss spoke of as coming in the early decade of this, the 21st century:  There is urgency.  The tempo is quicker,  the tone, sharper.  There is a robust pragmatism.  "Let's get this done.
He is a  member of Generation Jones.  The Boomer era no longer speaks to or through America.  

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