Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Postmodern President

Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece for USA Today about Obama being a "postmodernist"  back in August, post-Democratic convention.  Claiming that Obama had been heavily influenced by the critical race theorist,  Derrick Bell of Harvard Law,  he went down the list of postmodern symptoms, and Obama had them all.  The belief in the power of words;  the insistence on rhetoric and oratory over mundane facts,  and the hubris that "we are the ones who we've been waiting for".

  Postmodernism has been a condition of the Foucalt scholars and the gender feminists;  the gay activists and the world peace freedom rallyers.  It has spawned  the political correctness movement within academia.  It has been championed by the Neo-Left,  and is at once everywhere and nowhere.  We live in a postmodern America,  and Obama is a product of his age.  Tarpley's book,  Obama,  The Postmodern Coup would have readers believe that this is a sinister cunning,  long planned for;  that Obama was groomed to this takeover.  More likely,  he flowed in necessarily  and naturally. 

  The deconstuction of texts,  of words,  of meaning:  With all it had at its beck, the postmodern movement tilted at windmills,  blaming patriarchy and hegemony and Capitalism and the nuclear family.  I would wager that Obama is an unwilling member of the PM club;  more sinned against than sinning.  If cracks appear,  they were put their in his education.  Crisis has  a way of turning a postmodern into a reality seeker,  fast.  We shall see what path our postmodern President will take our nation down.  William James sought for a "Moral Equivilant of War".  Our economic and cultural mess may likely be fodder for a new heroism and vigorous action.  Postmodern soup was Barack's educational and cultural fare,  but he may have,  as he said in quoting Saint Paul,  put such childish ideology behind him.  We shall see...

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