Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama's Wounded Brightness : Waiting on the Stimulus Plan

In consulting the I Ching regarding Obama's Stimulus package  - and all the delays and tension which have been ensuing  -  I received hexagram 5,  "Waiting" ,  with changing lines 2 and 5,  leading to hexagram 36,  "Wounded Brightness".  Although some I Ching scholars believe the second hexagram deals with future events,  I am of the opinion that in certain cases  -  this being one of them  -  it serves rather as a context. 

Obama's brightness has been wounded by the conflicts about his stimulus plan.  He is veiled.  He is waiting ( as in hexagram 5).  Thus,  he must be patient.  Line 2 says "there will be a little gossip"  ( we know this to be true)  but line 5 indicates that he must remain composed and confident.  I have faith in him;  he is very good at being patient and making comebacks.  Certainly,  the primary and general election seasons revealed such about him.  In Benson's excellent I Ching for a New Age,  the contextual hexagram 36 describes an assistant who is suffering harm at the hands of his leader.

  In this case,  I would think that Obama is the "assistant"  to the Senate,  the GOP,  and the media and general public.  Benson advises that the hexagram should be interpreted as a sign to remain inwardly calm,  maintain outward composure,  and not be too bothered by irritation and gossip.  There has indeed been much talk that Obama has lost control,  both of the definition and parameters of his plan,  and of his technique in communicating it.  He would appear to become somewhat sarcastic when he feels defensive.  It might be well if he were to keep that aspect of his response well in check. 

I think his call to bipartisanship is excellent and must be adhered to:  the times call for it.  There is a very real danger of its being  compromised by a radical like Pelosi.  She is of the old Democrat guard,  and he needs to be stern in the face of her demands.  Persons such as South Carolina's Republican Lindsey Graham and California Democrat Barbara Boxer are both too extreme,  respectively,  and must also be treated with caution.  As MSNBC's Chris Matthews rightly pointed out,  the term 'package' has not served well,  and should be replaced by 'econmic engine',  thus cutting the temptation of a Pelosi to stuff into the package all her years of frustrated efforts with programs which Republicans persistently shot down. 

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