Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Government and Socialism are Upon Us: "And so now bad begins, and worse is left behind."

Our Inevitable Juncture:  Whither Are We Tending?  But we have already arrived. . .    It is becoming official.  On the cover of Newsweek magazine,  February 16,  2009 edition,  blue and red hands are clasped, and the title blares,  "WE are All Socialists Now".  Inside,  on page 24,  a subtitle speaks out ,  "Big Government is Back,  Big Time".  Howe and Strauss had asked,  in their book,  Millennials Rising,  "Is this generation [born after 1980]  a generation of socialists?". The Political winter is upon us:  summer changed to autumn,  but we never noticed.  "And so,  now bad begins,  and worse is left behind."  So many cannot seem to see that this juncture in history was a long time coming.  And all that has happened the last 2-3 decades has paved the way for where we stand today. Throughout the years of Reagenomics and Clinton glitz,  many scholars had already raised the cry of alarm,  that free Capitalism was threatened with relative decay,  and that increased socialism was not only probable,  but inevitable. 

More and more,  America has adopted European ideology.    There is a natural chronology to history:   We stand where the prophets of the '80s indicated. We cannot fight the inevitable.  One cannot wage war with time.  When Obama was elected,  Professor Murray of William Paterson University said, "McCain was running against history itself".  Winter is best gotten through by cooperating with its elements. 

Newsweek :: NEWSWEEK Cover: We Are All Socialists Now

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