Tuesday, February 3, 2009


February:  Black History Month
(top:  Malcom X,  Civil Rights leader ;  below:  Tupac Shakur;  lower: Andre Young aka Dr Dre,  rap impresario )

And it is honored all the more,  with the election of Barack Hussen Obama as our 44 th President of these United States of America.  From Malcom X to Martin Luther King,  what a rich and diverse history the African American has,  and one which they and all Americans can be proud of. 

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Hurlyburly said...

Truthfully, I agree with Morgan Freeman on this one. The concept of a Black History month is kind of self-defeating and just urkes me. It's not quite as bad as those evil MOBO(Music of black origin)awards but it's bad enough!

Why can't there just be history? By separating things into colour catagories you just prolong the feeling of segregation.

That being said, it does have some positive features, however, this is just how I feel. Sorry Susan!

I remember watching Spike Lee's Malcom X and being blown away. The scene that stuck out the most for me though is when the blonde white lady asks what she ca do to help and Malcom Bluntly replies "Nothing" I think Lee did an amazing job portraying Malcom's journey.

You know my thoughts on the misunderstood soul that was Tupac Shakur already! You can find some on my blog.

Hope you don't mind me commenting like this, if you get the chance try to watch said Morgan Freeman interview, it's very powerful and challenging.

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