Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Big, Fat, Subterranean Socialist Agenda

To hear it from many right-wing and libertarian pundits and bloggers,  there is a massive totalitarian socialist agenda brewing ,  and the White House is its mission bunker.  All of this courtesy of the private ambitions of one solitary, singular Barack Hussein Obama.    But having beaten that dead horse long past the election season  ( in which it apparently did not resonate with the spirit and intuition of the vast majority of Americans) they must give it new life.  Yes,  it is understandable,  as even  similar accusations ( the totalitarian,  not the socialist aspect)  against W Bush were by those on the left who stewed for 8 years.  But they are forgetting something:  This new global order rising,  which has engulfed all of Europe,  and North America ( i.e.,  the Canadians and most of the U.S.  and some of Mexico;  and here I am thinking NOT of national and government policy by any means,  but rather of a cultural mood which is rapidly turning in anger on all haste and hubris) is well-nigh unstoppable,  like a floodtide force of nature which they did not notice until the water began to slap and surge right at their own doorsteps.  That Obama should win so many over is not cause but consequence of a sea change in current Democratic thinking.  During the campaign season,  within both the primary and general election.  every card was pulled:  Obama as member of the New Party ( with strongly socialist ties);  Obama as friend of terrorist and anti-Americans such as Ayers and the much-maligned Reverend Wright;  Obama as student and mentee of Davis and lover of Reinhold Niebuhr's socialist ideology and philosophy.  None of it worked. 

 Now why would that be?  Because no one cared.  And that is precisely because while the right wing and Republicans and Libertarians were busy screaming themselves hoarse throughout the '80s, '90s, and through two W Bush administrations,  a silent majority was listening,  and getting majorly turned off.  They never said anything,  but they were there,  watching and listening,  and thinking,  "Will anyone ever put them in their place?"  Enter Barack Obama:  his roots in Niebuhr,  and Wright and the New Party and the idea of a relative redistribution and all of this called "Change"  and "Yes, we can"  and had there not been  over  2 decades of simmering subterranean resentment in much of Europe and American,  he would have been ignored.  But there was, and he wasn't.

As Nietzsche correctly said,  the average person thinks backwards:  They proclaim,  "Oh,  now that Obama is president,  he will destroy our nation with his socialism."  Just as Nietzsche asserted,  they mistake secondary for primary causes.  Nietzschean recovered reason  knows instead that ,  they themselves provoked this,  opened the doors to a backlash floodtide of quasi -socialist and quasi-redistributionist ideology and passion,  and hence,  Barack Obama,  hearing the clarion call,  came running.   Submit to the crisis which you yourselves proposed.  "Is the rising Millennial generation one of little socialists?"  Howe and Strauss asked in the 1990s:   By this,  they did NOT mean,  "Have we indoctrinated a generation of socialists?"  but rather,  "Have they looked at us and said, No way,  and fled in the other direction?    Etiological analysis of political and cultural changes shows that a backlash inevitably follows on the heels of an extreme and unchallenged stance which has continued to rule unchecked for decades.  No matter that this stance was cloaked in false martyrdom or pretended to be marginalized: It was clear to all that this was mere posturing.  It failed to convince,  as the emperor failed to convince of his invisible clothing.    Incidentally,  I myself remain neutral.  I am only telling it like it is.  There is a natural and seasonal chronology to human history.  Our current crisis was as inevitable as the change from  summer to autumn.  Barack Obama as symptom,  consequence and incident of something which had been brewing for decades:  Logic demands that he be seen this way, and not as antagonist,  rabble rouser, and other such nonsense. 

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